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re: kern/25702 (ftp transfer from client panics 2.0 NAT router)

    At 14:15 Uhr +0000 22.01.2008, Darren Reed wrote:
    >  If you are/were willing to use ftp-proxy(8), you should have
    >  just said so.  The version of this present in NetBSD also
    >  works with IPFilter, when I last checked.
    There are other ipfilter NAT issues that motivated the switch...
    Try an "ftp"; from behind an 
    ipfilter NATing NetBSD/sparc (generally big-endian, probably) 
    machine. It is a NetBSD/mac68k 1.5 machine, sitting behind an openbsd 
    pf router. I was able to access it from work (ipfilter @ i386), but 
    all connections (http, shs , nntp) stalled from behind the ss10 at 
    home (Martin Husemann confirmed that one). So, it's not just an ftp 
    proxy issue.

i was able to fetch this file from behind a netbsd/sparc64
4.0_BETA2 system from a netbsd/i386 client.


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