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Re: kern/37613 (esa doesn't work after resume on Compaq Evo N600c)


Sorry for the delay, but this is my office computer and being used 8-]

You asked:

> If you run eg. 'mpg123 -v file.mp3', do you see the playback running, or 
> is the play counter stalled?

It stalls.

> Also, can you please try the attached patch?

It doesn't change anything: It boots, it suspends, it awaks, it no longer
plays sound.

I had to slightly modify it, because data, pc and tag were not defined.
I added

  pcireg_t data;

and used

  sc->sc_pct instead of pc
  sc->sc_tag instead of tag

in pci_conf_read/write(). If this was the wrong choice, please correct me.

As a (probably worthless) datapoint: With GENERIC.NOACPI suspend is working
again on this Evo N600c and the sound works after the wake.

    Bernhard  //

PS: The lines

esa0: hardware volume interrupt
esa0: esa_intr: FIXME

are still in the dmesg of the patched kernel and the .NOACPI version.

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