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Re: port-amd64/37742: Occasional 'panic: out of KVA space' shortly after booting amd64 -current

On Friday 11 January 2008 02:05:00 wrote:

>       Occasionally during boot, my laptop panics with 'out of KVA space'.
>       It seems to coincide with gdm starting from rc.d, but with gdm
>       disabled I have still seen this panic before the login: prompt
>       is displayed.

I too see the same panic maybe one out of five boots of my laptop (Core 
2 Duo). Most of the time it happens during KDE startup, but it has 
happened occasionally towards the end of running the rc startup 
scripts. This has been going on since I started running amd64-current 
as of about two months ago.

Sometimes the kernel manages to dump core (which doesn't appear to be 
usable) but most times it wedges solid.

I'll append a dmesg here next time I power-up the laptop.

Cheers, Steve

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