Subject: Re: install/37209: missed files in postinstal
To: John Nemeth <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/26/2007 16:25:31
John Nemeth wrote:

> On Mar 17, 11:07pm, matthew green wrote:
> } 
> } did your system actually fail to boot because of this?  if not,
> } then this is etcupdate(8)'s job, not postinstall(8).
>      Umm, there are lots of things in postinstall that aren't required
> to make sure the system will boot.  By defacto, postinstall does
> everything it can to upgrade a system (the only major things it doesn't
> do is create new users and groups).
>      The problem with this PR is that it is extremely vague.  Is
> postinstall failing to add files, fix them, delete them, or what?  All
> we have is a list of files, we don't know what the submitter is
> expecting postinstall to do with them.

It was a bit late at night when I submitted the PR...

The files I listed are in the netbsd-4 etc.tgz set and weren't present
on my existing system.  I would have expected postinstall (or maybe it
should be etcupdate's job - but I've only ever used postinstall and
etcupdate isn't referenced in the install notes) to have copied these
files in to /etc.

Starting a single user shell complains about the lack of /etc/shrc, so I
would have thought postinstall should address that.