Subject: Re: bin/36458 ("envstat -r" doesn't show what "envstat" shows)
To: None <>
From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 07/05/2007 19:47:46
>  You are confusing Indicator sensors with other kind of sensors. As I
>  explained you before, Indicator sensors are there when something is
>  enabled or in 'on' state, if they are disabled there's no need to show
>  them.
>  For example take a look at the acpiacad(4) driver. This driver shows
>  the 'acpiacad0 connected' sensor if the AC Adapter is connected or
>  the 'acpiacad0 disconnected' if the AC Adapter is disconnected.
>  With your patch, acpiacad(4) would report:
>  acpiacad0 connected: ON
>  acpiacad0 disconnected: OFF
>  And IMHO it's better what we do now, only show the Indicator sensor
>  that has a value and is enabled.

IMO acpiacad (and other drivers) should stop pretending to have
pseudo "reversed" sensors and envstat should just show one of

	acpiacad0 connected: ON


	acpiacad0 connected: OFF


	acpiacad0 connected: *

ie. what greg's patch does is the way to go.