Subject: Re: install/34649: Danish translation of msg.mbr.da and msg.mi.da
To: Claus Andersen <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 09/29/2006 11:53:38
On Fri, 29 Sep 2006, Claus Andersen wrote:

> ;-) That is the exact same mindset which gave us ASCII. Let me just say I am 
> more of a unicode kinda guy. The same mindset which fuels a current debate at

 	I have to interject at this point and comment that the
 	mindset that gave us unicode should be taken out behind
 	the woodshed and slapped around a bit before being told to
 	better next time.  Such gems as UCS-2 which is fixed width
 	characters... except when some glyphs need multiple 16 bit
 	chars, and using the same code point to represent 'the same
 	thing' in Korean and Japanese, but which must be displayed
 	differently.  Not that unicode isn't a damn good thing, it
 	just has some rough edges which tend to cut when not
 	expected. Anyway, back to something (more) relevant

> some universities whether the teaching should all be done in english. It 
> might just make a lot of things easier but on these occasions I have an inner 
> nationalist which pops out.
> For me, it is more the message that is sends: a diverse international 
> userbase. A userbase which in the future might include more than just alpha 
> geeks who are more comfortable speaking english.
> Personally, I might even select the english version. But then again I might 
> just try to hard to fit in in the wrong place :-)
> Apart from saving space on the installmedia I cannot see any good reasons not 
> to do it. If concerned with bit-rot then just leave it out in the next 
> version.
> You are more than welcome to ditch the translations - no worries - no 
> enthusiasm harmed. Perhaps just a slight, hardly noticable, raise of a
> small part of one eyebrow :-)
>> Trying to keep the translated messages (somethink like) matching the
>> English ones is quite hard - I've done some in teh past by 'pattern
>> matching' other messages.
> Uhm, not getting you there? The hard part I think is whether to have 
> translations or not. I am just trailing the german, french and spanish guys. 
> The rest is in my mind just grunt work.
>> You also need to translate some files under 'arch'.
> Sure - but let's first see how msg.*.da fairs. My enthusiasm for work which 
> might not be used is quite limited. Even though it might not sound like it - 
> I am _not_ on a crusade (honestly!).

 	I think it would make a lot of sense to have a list of
 	people for each language who are willing to contribute
 	updated translations as & when needed. This could be as
 	simple as another mailing list to which they all can
 	subscribe and any developer who adds something that needs
 	to be translated can post to the list. Apologies if this
 	is already present and I missed it :)

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --