Subject: PR/33261 CVS commit: othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src
To: None <,,>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 09/26/2006 06:25:02
The following reply was made to PR bin/33261; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Luke Mewburn <>
Subject: PR/33261 CVS commit: othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 06:20:00 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	othersrc
 Committed By:	lukem
 Date:		Tue Sep 26 06:19:59 UTC 2006
 Update of /cvsroot/othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src
 In directory
 Log Message:
 Import NetBSD-ftpd 20060923:
 * Rename debug -> ftpd_debug, xstrdup -> ftpd_strdup
 * Fix comment about DEFAULT_UMASK.
   Pointed out in private mail by Tetsuya Isaki and Dmitry Sivachenko.
 * Add recvbufsize configuration option.
   This allows for setting the passive socket's SO_RCVBUF.  Option works
   similarly to the current sendbufsize configuration option.
 * Change how recveive_data() works.
   When reading data from the socket for passive transfers to the server,
   receive_data() now works very similar to send_data_with_read().  Reads
   from the network are now done using either the filesystem block size or
   the configuration option readsize chunks.
 * Add hidesymlinks configuration option.
   This adds a -L to all ls command arguments so that the file or directory
   the link references is listed rather than the link itself.  This was
   inspired by IRIX ftpd's -S option.
 * Change _PATH_FOO to _NAME_FOO where FOO is not a path.
 * Reorder some declarations so that parsers generated by bison can compile.
   Fix from Michael Richardson.
 * Implement option "-D", for running ftpd in standalone mode (daemon).
   ftpd will listen on the default FTP port for incoming connections and fork
   a child for each connection.  This is lower overhead than starting ftpd from
   inetd(8) and thus might be useful on busy servers to reduce load.
   Inspired by FreeBSD.
 * Change (mostly) int to socklen_t.  GCC 4 doesn't like that int and
   socklen_t are different signness.
 * Remove unreachable code (res could never be NULL here).
   Fixes Coverity CID 712.
 * Set file to NULL after calling fclose().
   Fixes Coverity CID 2669.
 * Make sure that "su" is initialized before dereferencing it.
   Fixes Coverity CID 1075.
 * Fix some typos.
 * NLST should return 450 instead of 550 upon error, per RFC 959.
 * logxfer(): don't use the same buffer to store the results of two separate
   concurrent realpath(3)s, otherwise we'll log the wrong information
   for a rename.
   Noted by Dmitry Sivachenko in private mail.
 * s/getpwnam/sgetpwnam/ Found by John Nemeth.
 * Add PAM and LOGIN_CAP support. Mostly from FreeBSD. If pam is defined,
   then we don't fall back to other authentications even if PAM fails due
   to a system error (e.g. configuration problem).
 * Fix inverted test for expired passwords.
 * Cleanup utmp and utmpx support.
 	- make them symmetric
 	- add a function to open the wtmp file explicitly very early in the game
 * Apply patch from PR bin/33261 sent by FUKAOMI Naoki:
   "ftpd does not update wtmpx".
 Vendor Tag:	TNF
 Release Tags:	NetBSD-20060923
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/Makefile
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/popen.c
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/ftpd.8
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/ftpd.conf.5
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/ftpd.c
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/cmds.c
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/ftpcmd.y
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/extern.h
 U othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/version.h
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/conf.c
 C othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/pathnames.h
 U othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/logutmp.c
 U othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/ftpusers.5
 U othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src/logwtmp.c
 10 conflicts created by this import.
 Use the following command to help the merge:
 	cvs checkout -jTNF:yesterday -jTNF othersrc/libexec/tnftpd/src