Subject: Re: kern/33245 (iAudio U3 scsi-over-usb mis-handling)
To: None <,>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 09/24/2006 18:42:21
> Synopsis: iAudio U3 scsi-over-usb mis-handling
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> Is this still a problem?

I had an opportunity to test this when it was submitted, but
since then the player (owned by my niece) and my laptop have been
separated by about 900km.  However, in my somewhat sporadic
reading of source-changes, I have not seen any change go into our
tree which would indicate that this isn't still a problem.

For all I know the bug could well be in the firmware on the
player, giving bogus data back, but our code ought to have
robustness against this, as Windows didn't see a problem.

So, I think this is still a problem, but currently I have no easy
way to test and verify this.  Perhaps I ought to buy such a
player to have this properly debugged?


- H=E5vard