Subject: PTHREAD_MAX_PRIORITY in pthread_setschedparam
To: None <>
From: leon z <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/26/2006 09:14:01
man for pthread_setschedparam mentions PTHREAD_MIN_PRIORITY and  
PTHREAD_MAX_PRIORITY values. Yet those are nowhere to be found on NetBSD v3.

similar post in relation to openbsd
indicates that this problem also exists in OpenBSD and that they may consder 
it to be a bug.

anyway - if PTHREAD_MIN/MAX_PRIORITY are not available despite NetBSD's 
documentation mentioning those, what would be the numerical equivalent of 
the min and max possible thread priorities? in the aforementioned link, 
figures of 0(min) and 31(max) were mentioned - is this the same for NetBSD?

Kind regards,

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