Subject: RE: PR 6827 status (support mmap for audio recording)
To: None <>
From: leon z <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/24/2006 14:40:37
would like to make self-correction in relation to the following:

>input offset for recording buffer does not wrap around and when the offset 
>varialbe is icremented during the first pass over the buffer it does so not 
>in "blocksize" steps but rather in "half of blocksize" steps - the 
>playback, however works absolutely fine).

after setting every parameter (such as sample rate, precision, etc.) for the 
recording structures - the recording offset counter did increment and 
wraparound correctly (it was interesting to see, however, that the playback 
offset counter did not need to have every structure parameter set in order 
to honour the reported blocksize granularity, buffer wraparound, etc).

The issue of not being able to use mmap to map the recording buffer, 
however, still remains. I think I'll just apply the patch and be done with 

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