Subject: Re: standards/33035: Lack of documentation
To: Dave Huang <>
From: kernelpanicked <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/09/2006 19:38:27
On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Dave Huang wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 07:06:59PM -0600, kernelpanicked wrote:
>> Not to be a jerk, but why are you even responding to NetBSD PRs if you
>> don't know where the damn docs are located for the system?
> I responded because I do know where the docs are, and from what you
> said in your PR, you _don't_ know where they are. I quote, "the only
> documentation on my machine was in /usr/share/doc and believe it or
> not, was in HTML form" and "... most (all?) of NetBSD's docs are only
> Web accessable." However, that's not the only documentation that comes
> with NetBSD, and much of the stuff in /usr/share/doc is not in HTML
> form. I see a lot of troff, but I bet you don't know what that is
> either.
> is mostly links to external FAQs and
> HOWTOs, not what I'd consider system documentation. The only thing
> that might be useful to include as part of NetBSD is the NetBSD
> Guide--the rest of it isn't generally applicable. Do I need the
> NetBSD/amiga Guide to Networking FAQ on my system? No. Steps to
> connect via GPRS / CDPD? No. Wireless networking using the Lucent
> WaveLAN? No. etc..
> You mentioned in your PR that you were looking for documentation and
> could only find 4 programs documented in /usr/share/doc. You might
> want to compare how many programs are documented in
> . Then see how many programs are
> documented in /usr/share/man. I maintain that NetBSD comes with plenty
> of good documentation. I don't see why you think that the man pages
> are a poor substitute for real documentation.
That's fine. I see how it's going to be. Someone outside of the loop points out a major deficiency in the system (that both FreeBSD and OpenBSD have already dealt with) and you respond with insults. I'm well versed in nroff, thank you. I would also suggest you spend some time at as most of that is not links to external how-tos. But you know, you would've actually had to have read the documentation to know that.