Subject: NetBSD 3.0 crash on Asus A6U (i386)
To: None <>
From: Bartosz Turkot <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/06/2006 22:35:27

Last time I recived a notebook Asus A6U-5066 (works on SiS chipset). On my =
PC I have NetBSD 2.0 but its sysinst just can't run on my laptop so I downl=
oad and try 3.0 version. And here started big problems..

First I installed with the GENERIC.LAPTOP kernel and kernel crash when scan=
ning bus devices - MiniPCI. Then I repleaced kernel to GENERIC.MPACPI which=
 not support MiniPCI and system starts but sometimes it just stop on scanni=
ng usb - interrupting at irq 5 or sth like that.

Now I would like to plug a WLAN adapter to PCMCIA so I tried DLink DWL-650+=
 and kernel break down with:

cbb1: wait took 0.031465s
uvm_fault(0xc082a760, 0xcb5cf000, 0, 1) -> 0xe
kernel: page fault trap, code=3D0
Stopped in pid 13.1 (cardslot1) at netbsd:cardbus_read_tuplaes+0x191: r
eopne movsb (%esi),%es:(%edi)

Now I don't know what to do.. Help!

Bartosz Turkot.