Subject: Re: bin/32907: IPF user-land ipsend defines _KERNEL, and fails to
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/28/2006 11:05:31
Some more input on this problem.

The reason this isn't a problem on other platforms is that
apparently no other platforms ends up including <sys/device.h>.
On vax, though, when _KERNEL is defined, the include order goes
like this:


and <sys/file.h> is explicitly surrounded by _KERNEL by
ipsend/sock.c, apparently mostly to get "struct file" defined.

Further attempts to work around this problem by including
<sys/types.h> early with _KERNEL defined (to get boolean_t
defined) results in a link failure for the kernels for the alpha
architecture.  The reason is that bswap16() is not renamed when
compiled under _KERNEL, whereas it is renamed for user-land, and
it is referenced through use of ntohs() in ipsend/sock.c.

It currently appears to be impossible to include <sys/types.h>
and <sys/endian.h> (and by extension <sys/bswap.h>) under
different definitions of _KERNEL.

The end result is that with the current code and attempts at a
point fix isolated to the IPF source for this build problem, we
get to choose whether we want to break the build for vax or for
alpha, and currently the vax build remains broken.

I have seen comments to the effect that the sort of games IPF
plays with defining _KERNEL in user-land code is both ugly and
highly non-portable, and I would say that this demonstrates at
least the latter.


- H=E5vard