Subject: Re: port-dreamcast/26569
To: None <,,>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/07/2006 15:30:02
The following reply was made to PR port-dreamcast/26569; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Nick Hudson <>
Subject: Re: port-dreamcast/26569
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 15:26:54 +0000

 More info...
 db> mach frame
 [switch frame]
 sf_sr           0x400001e1
 sf_r15          0xc22eef74
 sf_r14          0xc22eef74
 sf_r13          0x00000000
 sf_r12          0x8cf15d5c
 sf_r11          0x8c1ba370      netbsd:__assert+0x80d84:        bra     1778(0x6f2)
 sf_r10          0x8cf1e9a8
 sf_r9           0x8c1b8120      netbsd:__assert+0x7eb34:        ????
 sf_r8           0x00000002
 sf_pr           0x8c0cb840      netbsd:mi_switch+0x108: bra     16(0x10)
 sf_r6_bank      0xc22ecfa4
 sf_r7_bank      0xc22ef000
 [trap frame]
 -- 0xc22eceec-0xc22ecf48 --
 tf_expevt       0x00000160
 tf_ubc          0x00000000
 tf_spc          0x8c115016      netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x6:        mov     r14, r15
 tf_ssr          0x400000f1
 tf_macl         0x00000000
 tf_mach         0x00000002
 tf_pr           0x8c0d7d28      netbsd:panic+0xe0:      mov     r11, r4
 tf_r13          0x00000000
 tf_r12          0x00000000
 tf_r11          0x00000100
 tf_r10          0x8cf15d5c
 tf_r9           0x8c15920c      netbsd:__assert+0x1fc20:        mov.b   @r7+, r12
 tf_r8           0x8c0d8624      netbsd:printf:  mov.l   r7, @-r15
 tf_r7           0x00000000
 tf_r6           0x00000000
 tf_r5           0x0000000d
 tf_r4           0x400000f1
 tf_r3           0x8c1be000      netbsd:__assert+0x84a14:        ????
 tf_r2           0x0000092d
 tf_r1           0x8c115010      netbsd:cpu_Debugger:    mov.l   r14, @-r15
 tf_r0           0x00000001
 tf_r15          0xc22eee88
 tf_r14          0xc22eee88
 -- 0xc22ecf48-0xc22ecfa4 --
 tf_expevt       0x00000040
 tf_ubc          0x00000000
 tf_spc          0x8c1182d2      netbsd:pmap_extract+0x3a:       mov.l   @r8, r1
 tf_ssr          0x40000000
 tf_macl         0x0000a1b6
 tf_mach         0x00000002
 tf_pr           0x8c1182cc      netbsd:pmap_extract+0x34:       add     #0x4, r15
 tf_r13          0x00000000
 tf_r12          0x000001bc
 tf_r11          0xc22eef2c
 tf_r10          0x8c1ba2b8      netbsd:__assert+0x80ccc:        fadd    fr0, fr0
 tf_r9           0x8c3e8c00
 tf_r8           0x00000fa0
 tf_r7           0x00000006
 tf_r6           0x00000001
 tf_r5           0x00000289
 tf_r4           0x40000001
 tf_r3           0x8c1b8d9c      netbsd:__assert+0x7f7b0:        ????
 tf_r2           0x000000f0
 tf_r1           0x8c1b9244      netbsd:__assert+0x7fc58:        ????
 tf_r0           0x00000000
 tf_r15          0xc22eef14
 tf_r14          0xc22eef14
 -- 0xc22ecfa4-0xc22ed000 --
 tf_expevt       0x00000040
 tf_ubc          0x00000000
 tf_spc          0x8c0bf470      netbsd:proc_alloc+0x40: mov.l   @r3, r0
 tf_ssr          0x400000e0
 tf_macl         0x000004b0
 tf_mach         0x0283c5ad
 tf_pr           0x8c0bf460      netbsd:proc_alloc+0x30: mov     r0, r6
 tf_r13          0x8c1b7f90      netbsd:__assert+0x7e9a4:        ????
 tf_r12          0x0000001e
 tf_r11          0x8c0c2520      netbsd:chgproccnt:      mov.l   r8, @-r15
 tf_r10          0x8c1b7c60      netbsd:__assert+0x7e674:        ????
 tf_r9           0x8cf1e9a8
 tf_r8           0x8c1a9898      netbsd:__assert+0x702ac:        shll    r12
 tf_r7           0x8c1b7a30      netbsd:__assert+0x7e444:        ????
 tf_r6           0x00000000
 tf_r5           0x00000002
 tf_r4           0x400000e0
 tf_r3           0xc0004c18
 tf_r2           0xc0004c00
 tf_r1           0x00000018
 tf_r0           0x00000000
 tf_r15          0x8c1bde70      netbsd:__assert+0x84884:        mov.b   @(r0, r9), r10
 tf_r14          0x8c1bde70      netbsd:__assert+0x84884:        mov.b   @(r0, r9), r10