Subject: Re: "toor" is not Bourne-again shell (reposted) (and re-reposted!!!)
To:, None <>
From: Igor Sobrado <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 09/08/2005 10:18:08
In message <20050908053437.GJ25837@chup.gado>, Denis Lagno writes:
> It has just happened that the same pun used both in our /etc/passwd and bash.
> Let this nice pun remain:)

Hi Denis.

I really appreciate your feedback.  I agree with you, that pun is used
in bash (that stands for Bourne-Again SHell) and /etc/passwd now.

I do not know if it is an historically accepted pun (as other gecos
as "Charlie Root" (Charlie &) for the root account or "The devil himself"
for the daemon account) but, if it is not a part of BSD heritage
I would recommend reviewing it for a possible change, just to make
it more accurate and less confusing.  Puns are really fun, but I
certainly believe that an operating system documentation should be
clear and accurate.

BTW, it really seems that yesterday was a "truly perfect monday" inside
a not so perfect wednesday.  I reposted this thread to "netbsd-bugs"
because I heartly believed it was the right forum to manage this
issue, but Tron has suggested that "current-users" was a better
choice.  (Thanks Tron, I certainly should be more accurate chosing
the mailing lists in the future!!!)

In short, I am reposting it to current-users again.  ;-)