Subject: Re: kern/25659
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: John Refling <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/17/2005 01:00:03
Alright, I have experimented with some of the patches
in the log for this PR, and have found the following:

The first submission which was to patch ver 1.172 did
not patch cleanly (I'm running 2.0, version
but with a tiny bit of work (the "int bcnt"; was inserted
a few lines off), compiled, and solved the problem attaching
the disk drive to wd1.

The second submission which was to patch
also did not apply cleanly, (the "delay(1000000);" and
the following line were swapped), which when changed,
compiled, and also solved the disk problem.

The third submission which was to patch, which
gave compiler warnings about uninitialized variables (st0,
st1 on line 495), and after making it compile (st1 =3D 0,
etc.), it did NOT solve the problem.

The forth submission was for 3.0 which I don't have
checked out, so can't test it, yet.

I looked at the 2nd patch, and it seemed to be just
many delays(), so I was curious to see if there was one
delay that made all the difference, and in my case, there

The only statement that mattered was the "delay(1000000);"

I'm testing this with three old disk drives:

IBM DADA-24860 4860 MB (1998)  needs delay(200000) or greater
Toshiba MK-2428 500 MB (1994?) needs delay(450000) or greater
Apple DVAA-2810 733 MB (1995)  needs delay(380000) or greater

The above shows the range of delays needed from my
tests.  I suppose a very old drive might need a larger
delay.  I can test that sometime, when I find one.

Is this really an issue with the wdc.c controller, or
is it possibly slow pcmcia hardware/driver between the
wdc controller and the system?

Also, what's going to happen when an old cd-rom is
attached?  Aren't they slower than disk drives?

Finally, at least on my system, this is not a spin-up
issue --- the drives are always spinning!  It might be
a delay after reset, or something.  One of the drives
consistently powers off, then on about 6 times during
the probing.  It also powers off then on at any access.
So these drives apparently have strange reactions to

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Subject: Re: kern/25659

On Fri, Jun 10, 2005 at 08:12:02AM +0000, John Refling wrote:
>    I have a pcmcia ide controller and drive
>  package called "Data Disaster Recovery System
>  for Notebooks" by ei, an Agate' company.  This
>  had the same symptom of never seeing the disk,
>  until I applied the first patch above, and all
>  worked well!
>  =

>     This is in NetBSD/i386 ver 2.02.

can you try the attached patches instead (one for 2.0, one for 3.0/curren=
t) ?
This should do the same thing as the patch in the PR, without busy-waitin=

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