Subject: Re: kern/26596
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/12/2005 14:38:58
In message <>, writes:

>Synopsis: hifn7955(Soekris vpn1401) does not work

>This is the same problem I saw on i386 and reported to jonathan out of band.  
>I believe he's looking into it as time permits -- I can take the PR back or
>reassign it elsewhere if he prefers.
>The problem is reproducible on i386 as well.  I can test changes (though I
>have had no luck figuring out what's wrong, even though I am pretty
>familiar with the hifn driver.  sigh.)

Christian Sorensen (sp?) from Soekris kindly sent me the older Soekris
board with a slower Hifn (vpn120x) which I can re-install tomorrow
(I dont have it with me, and I cant get remote access to where it is).

IIRC, Sam Leffler added support for the newer hifn chips to the
FreeBSD-4 driver and confirmed that they worked; if so, that's one
"known good" data-point to work from.

(Hmm, its  not as simple as running out of hardware contexts, is it?)