Subject: Re: kern/28430: Labtec USB 2.0 Mouse is always disabled at boot
To: None <>
From: Claudio M. Camacho <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/30/2004 20:41:34
   Hi all, sorry cuz I was off-line a few days and I have more problems running firefox (that makes core dump) and mail programs.

   Answering to jmmv@, I tried a NetBSD-2.99.10 (20041129) GENERIC kernel and the mouse is disabled too at the boot time. Answering to Lennart Augustsson, if I disable the ehci, the most of the times the kernel crashes after a few seconds, when the rc process is still running (loading the rc.conf data); and just a little bit of times, it loads but disabling the device again :-(

   Have you got any Idea? I'm gonna try to make it crash and I'll post the information here (I actually cant get it crash again, but it did it a lot yesterday).

   NOTE: I use USBVERBOSE and USB_DEBUG both, and I get the same information as
using none of them.

   Thanks for your attention again!

Claudio M. Camacho