Subject: Re: lib/28325: our iconv does not understand Shift_JIS half-width
To: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/16/2004 16:06:25

> >Description:
>     Oour iconv does not appear to understand hanakau (half-width) katakana
>     (unicode 0xff80 page) for the Shift_JIS character set. Linux does just
>     fine.
> >How-To-Repeat:
>     Paste some hankaku katakana into vim with encoding=utf-8 and
>     fileencoding=utf-8. Save and note that it saves just fine. Set
>     fileencoding=Shift_JIS and note you can't save any more. Then
>     try
> 	iconv -f utf-8 -t shift_jis <that-file-saved-as-utf-8>
>     and note that it fails.
> >Fix:

Maybe Nozaki-san have a patch to fix this problem.
(Sorry, I have been forgotten it till now.)

Nozaki-san, please commit it if you have it.