Subject: Re: bin/28115
To: Ed Ravin <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/15/2004 15:16:25
On Nov 15,  1:57pm, (Ed Ravin) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/28115

| > | Maybe putting -u0 back into telnetd isn't such a bad idea after all.
| > 
| > It is not, but I decided to fix it differently. I have committed changes to
| > login and telnetd to pass -a address. Please let me know if this works ok
| > for you. I did it this way, because since it already passes -h, awhy not
| > pass -a too and be done with it.
| We'll try out the patches.  But I wonder if you're not being a bit hasty
| in adding more options to login - there may be some unwanted implications
| to the additional complexity.

Well, I think that the -uX option needed to die because it stored the IP
address of the host in the host string overloading the meaning. This would
not work properly with IPV6.

| For example, rlogind needs to know about the new login option.  See bug
| 18210.

Yes, and I will fix it right now.

| I still think the -u0 option should stay in telnetd (and be added to
| rlogind).  This is consistent with other Unix streams (at least for
| telnetd) and OpenSSH, though I confess I haven't thought about what
| happens when you log IPv6 addresses.

I think it is better to fix it so that it passes both the hostname
and the ip address, and have the login code DTRT. The "-a <address>"
option is invisible to the user, just like the "-h <host>" option has been.