Subject: Re: install/27830: X installation not complete
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 11/14/2004 15:28:06
[ On Wednesday, November 3, 2004 at 11:22:48 (+0000), wrote: ]
> Subject: install/27830: X installation not complete
> Some parts of the X installation do not seem to be there. I have used
> 1.6.2 on Intel before, which have xf86cfg, and xf86config
> binaries. OK, maybe these don't get compiled for Alphas. I can always
> edit XF86Config the old way. However when I type "man 5 XF86Config" I
> at least expect some details of the file structure. Is the Alpha
> iso-image incomplete ?

NetBSD/alpha 1.6.2 does not use xsrc/xfree/xc but rather just the older
xsrc/xc sources and thus some of the newer features of xfree86-4 are not
present.  NetBSD/alpha also does not use the XF86 Xserver.

I.e. there is no problem here!  :-)

FYI the Xserver binary is called XdecNetBSD in this distribution, but
sadly there's no specific manual page for it (other than just
Xserver(1)) and there is no /etc/XF86Config, it is never created nor

(I'm not sure why it's not XalphaNetBSD, but that's a separate issue :-)

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