Subject: Re: install/27281: some oversights in the german translation of sysinst
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/20/2004 12:43:42
Hello folks.

Attached you'll find two files, the one named diff is
a differencial to the actual contents of src/distrib/utils/sysinst,
that's based upon the last diff that jschauma lastly provided
and corrects some more oversights and so.

In addition to it you'll find the file that is to be
placed at

I tried to incorporate all the change request I've read of, however,
most of them were already added by jschauma.

What you won't find in this diff is the use of the sharp s, what e.g. was
demanded by Heike Fath. This has to do with the problem that we seem to
have with sysinst. You can look at this prob here:

Because in the last time my mails neither appeared to be accepted
by the system(s) behind nor the one (if not
the same) behind I sent this mail to all the people
involved in this process.