Subject: Re: install/27281: some oversights in the german translation of
To: None <>
From: Hauke Fath <hauke@Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/18/2004 20:19:17
At 17:17 Uhr +0200 18.10.2004, wrote:
>On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 12:25:35AM +0200, Hauke Fath wrote:
>> Please do not commit this diff. It contains several errors which appear to
>> be typical over-correction, frequently seen with conversions to the
>> (misguided, IMO) reformated German spelling:
>I corrected some of them.
>> (1)
>> Größe is written with a "sharp s" in ARS as well as in NRS. Hint: A long
>> vowel preceeds. This occurs in numerous places.
>> (2)
>> Same goes for "standardmäßig" which also retains the "sharp s".
>Well, the problem with the sharp s is that when I last time (2.0 RC-2)
>started an installation using sysinst (selecting the German language) I
>observed that it could not be represented, it showed up an ? or something.
>I think that's because the locales (de_DE* or so) were not set.

What about the "Umlaute"? Both 'ß' and 'äöü' are in the extended ASCII set
(iso 8859-1{,5}, at least). So both should show up as weird characters.

>Yes, I seem to have to provide even a third version.
>But, before I do that: is someone else seing something that could be better
>or that's really wrong?

In some places 'Sie' ("Höfliche Anrede") is written with a small 's'.

(Funny to discuss German spelling in English...)


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