Subject: Re: install/27281: some oversights in the german translation of sysinst
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/18/2004 17:17:40
On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 12:25:35AM +0200, Hauke Fath wrote:

> Please do not commit this diff. It contains several errors which appear to
> be typical over-correction, frequently seen with conversions to the
> (misguided, IMO) reformated German spelling:

I corrected some of them.

> (1)
> Gr=F6=DFe is written with a "sharp s" in ARS as well as in NRS. Hint: A l=
> vowel preceeds. This occurs in numerous places.
> (2)
> Same goes for "standardm=E4=DFig" which also retains the "sharp s".

Well, the problem with the sharp s is that when I last time (2.0 RC-2)
started an installation using sysinst (selecting the German language) I
observed that it could not be represented, it showed up an ? or something.

I think that's because the locales (de_DE* or so) were not set.

Well, there are two solutions to this:
1) To do that the locales (or what the prob is) get set.
2) Using "ss" instead of sharp s.

> (3)
> > message startoutsidedisk
> >-{Der Startwert, den Sie angegeben haben, liegt jenseits des Endes der D=
> >+{Der Startwert, den Sie angegeben haben, liegt jenseits dem Ende der Di=
> s/dem Ende/des Endes/
> -- "Rettet dem Dativ"?

Yes, I saw that now. Sorry ;).

It has been corrected in the new diff.

> (4)
> >-(Dies ist die letzte Warnung bevor der Inhalte Ihres Dateisystems
> >-?berschrieben wird!)
> >+(Dies ist die letzte Warnung bevor Ihre Disks modifziert werden!)
> Apart from the typos in both versions ('s/Inhalte/Inhalt/',
> 's/modifziert/modifiziert/'), the new version is less clear and
> inconsistent in its non-translation of "disk".

I replaced the "-disk" and "Disk" by "-festplatte" and "Festplatte",
where it was possible.

> (5)
> >-{Ung?ltige Sektornummer
> >+{Ung?ltige Sektorennummer
> Plain wrong.

Hmm, yep it seemed for some reason nicer to me the second one
(subjective decision). Sorry.

> (6)
> >-sowie optionale.
> >+sowie Optionale.
> NRS rears its ugly head...

Yes, totally beyond any logical thinking. Sorry, again.

> ...and quite a few more. The "well-intended" patch needs serious work and
> is in several places worse than the original.

Yes, I seem to have to provide even a third version.

But, before I do that: is someone else seing something that could be better
or that's really wrong?

And what's about the sharp s?

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