Subject: Re: kern/27256: terminal issues? (insert, home, end, page up, page
To: None <>
From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Stefan_Kr=FCger?= <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/16/2004 22:33:11
Thomas wrote:
> Well, after looking at everything in detail, it seems that the installer
> decided to set my i386 console to VT100, though I'm not sure why.  Possibly
> because of an older Trident (chip) VGA card (still PCI though...).  Might
> also be a bug in the installer, though I'm not quite sure.
that's normal and has nothing todo w/ your graphics card (take a look in 
/etc/ttys) though I don't know why the first console is vt100 while all 
others are vt220...

> Changing the terminal over to wsvt25 doesn't seem to fix the key issues
> however.  Page up and Page down work again though, so I'm a bit closer to
> what I'm looking for =P.  Also the up-down-left-right arrow keys output
> garbage (not handled correctly either?) sometimes [I forget whether it's in
> SSH or not...] and Linux does that to me too, so I may as well explore that
> in detail and maybe do a manual fix since people don't seem to think that's
> a problem... =P.
wsvt25? what's that? ;-) I've never used it, I'm happy w/ vt220

up-down-right-left arrow keys also have usually nothing todo w/ your 
term, it depends on your shell (i.e. chances are high that they'll work 
w/ bash or tcsh, they'll most likely not work w/ plain csh or ksh/sh)

> Thank you for the response, I'll switch the terminal to the correct one and
> then see if I can get the mapping to work the way I want (I'll check out the
> override thing).  Again thanks =P.
some solutions for you:

1. change vt100 to vt220 in /etc/ttys
2. switch to another virtual terminal (on i386 w/ CTL+ALT+F2-F4), 
they're all vt220
[this will make your vi/vim editing happy *g*]

3. install another shell which supports the arrow keys, like bash/tcsh 
or read the manpages for sh or ksh to figure out how to configure them

> --Thomas
hope this helps,