Subject: Re: PR blackhole
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Christian Biere <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/14/2004 21:00:04
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Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Christian Biere wrote:
> 24445 and 24446 were closed on March 24.
> The subject line was formatted wrong so instead of being put with a
> different PR they were created as new PRs (without a real category).

I see, that must have been the PR about less and my reply to Mark
Nudelmann when I didn't check the Reply-To: resp. the CC: headers, so
it was accidently sent to GNATS too, sorry 'bout that.

OK, so the first PR is really missing in action. The box still deadlocks
every 1-3 days. Unfortunately, "sync" fails all the time so I cannot=20
reproduce any useable stacktrace. I'd update to 2.0C (from 1.6ZK) if I
knew that ipnat and ifconfig worked - hmmm, I could give it a try using
a second partition so I can immediately switch back... I'll try that.

> Sorry, I don't see anything from you arriving on April 2. Your PR #25044
> (bash has current working in PATH by default) is the closest to that date.

Trust me, I just checked GNATS through the web interface. 2 PRs of mine
are missing plus the one I bounced to

> I would send-pr it again.

I'll do that in a minute.

> I'd check your mail server logs for April 2 and make sure that it was
> successfully received by the NetBSD mail server.

I cannot check the logs of my provider but I got no negative reply
whatsoever and so far I cannot remember having lost a single mail ever. I
admit that I had experimented a little with my mail configuration not
sure exactly when though and no other mails got lost.


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