Subject: Re: lib/25077: getcwd() doesn't work if a parent directory isn't readable
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/07/2004 16:30:22 wrote:

> >Number:         25077
> >Category:       lib
> >Synopsis:       getcwd() doesn't work if a parent directory isn't readable
> >Description:
> Getcwd() returns ``Permission denied'' if a parent directory isn't
> readable (it's not +r, only +x), even if the current directory is.
> It may break several userland applications.

SUSv3 (and thus probably POSIX) says:

   The getcwd() function shall fail if:

             Read or search permission was denied for a component of the



        If a program is operating in a directory where some
        (grand)parent directory does not permit reading, getcwd() may
        fail, as in most implementations it must read the directory to
        determine the name of the file.  This can occur if search, but
        not read, permission is granted in an intermediate directory,
        or if the program is placed in that directory by some more
        privileged process (for example, login). Including the [EACCES]
        error condition makes the reporting of the error consistent and
        warns the application writer that getcwd() can fail for reasons
        beyond the control of the application writer or user. Some
        implementations can avoid this occurrence (for example, by
        implementing getcwd() using pwd, where pwd is a set-user-root
        process), thus the error was made optional. Since this volume of
        IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 permits the addition of other errors, this
        would be a common addition and yet one that applications could
        not be expected to deal with without this addition.

> >Fix:
> Has it got to be fixed, anyway?

I would say "no" personally.

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