Subject: problem misc: 23374 ? still not being able to get it working ..
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/30/2004 11:13:56

(this is in relation to earlier fixed undefined PLT symbol problem in ld.)

I am having a problem,
we are running netbsd on our product, it is having a memory based file

I verified that if on my build machine / standalone machine, if I just
expand the base.tgz over the 1.6.1 installation we were currently having.
programs compiled beforehand are running properly.

But, due to some limitations I cannot release / expand all the files in
this released label (of base.tgz )by the author,
I just updated ld.elf_so over the current /usr/libexec and any program
started after this is hanging !
I wrote a simple printf("Hello world \n") and even that is hanging.

Could somebody provide some direction to is ld.elf_so good enough for this
fix ? or do I need to replace something else also ??
Are libs (/usr/libs) also needed to be updated ?? I will put those also,
but why should these be needed.
as from what I understand, ld.elf_so should just be using the info from the
libraries and map them, has some change been done in their stucture also ..
reason for asking this is that our system also has some dynamically linked
libararies built, so we will have to rebuild those also ??

Could some body please explain as to what / how was this fix done. so that
people like me can have a better idea in a situation like I am to make
debugging time least.

there's got to be some file in base.tgz which made things work fine on
standalone netbsd pc ..

( We are having an i386 build, if it will matter. )


Manuel Bouyer <> on 03/26/2004 02:15:59 AM

To:    Nitin Mahajan/HSS@HSS

Subject:    Re: problem misc: 23374

On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 10:56:34AM +0530, wrote:
> Hi Manuel,
> I am just obersving udefined PTL symbols randomly on our machine ..
> I am downloading and applying the rc2 patch which fixes this problem.
> But, I have  a kernel which has lots of changes over 1.6 and it will be
> tough to merge those with this downloaded version.
> I learn that there have been ABI changes also, but wasnt sure if there
> changes between 1.6.1 we have as our base and 1.6.1.rc2 , are there ?

No there shouldn't be any.

> is it possible /  logical if I download and overwrite this patch over a
> vanilla 1.6.1 and get / use only the relavant files from new compiled
> netbsd ?

Yes, it should be possible

> (if yes, what files would these be ?)


Or you can just use the ld.elf_so from the 1.6.2 distribution.

But I'm not sure this is fixed in 1.6.2. I had to use a current ld.elf_so
on my alpha to get rid of this. The current ld.elf_so is fine on my 1.6.2
alpha, but I don't know how it would be on i386.

Manuel Bouyer <>
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