Subject: wsmoused.conf xconsole entry, also veriexecctl(8) and tunefs(8) errata
To: None <>
From: Lagno, DenisX <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/01/2004 17:09:18

wsmoused.conf(5) describes xconsole=3Dinteger entry.  But what if there =
are several X servers configured on several virtual consoles?  How would =
it work with wsmoused?

Also someone should fix veriexecctl manpage -- it describes format of =
lines in signatures file to be "path fingerprint type options" while =
actual format is "path type fingerprint options".

And also someone should fix tunefs manpage/code -- it describes 10% as a =
default value to -m option while newfs has 5% as a default for the same =