Subject: Re: port-arm/23028: memcpy and friends bronken on ARMEB
To: None <>
From: Shoichi Miyake <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 10/02/2003 00:34:33
Hi Steve,

> Hi Shoichi,
> > >Synopsis:       memcpy and friends bronken on ARMEB
> Yeah, I recall you reporting this on port-arm last month. I'm sorry I 
> haven't yet committed my memcpy (and friends) optimisations. I hope 
> to do this soon.

It was a good practice for me to read arm assembly.

> FYI, I now have an ixp425-based board up and running multi-user with 
> the new asm routines.

It's a good news! I'm looking forwad to your new code!

Best Regards,
Shoichi Miyake