Subject: Re: bin/21670: /rescue needs rsh (rcp is useless without it)
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/25/2003 21:28:55
[Also resent through netbsd-bugs]
Luke Mewburn <> typed:
:  | 	Not sure.  Either rcp needs an option (or env var) to override the
:  | 	hardcoded rsh command or the path needs to be changed to /rescue/rsh
:  | 	during the rescue tool build process
:The former should be achievable with:
:	export RCMD_CMD=/rescue/rcmd
:That said, /rescue/rcp should be compiled in a manner which does this
:automatically for you.

My rcp(1) doesn't mention that I'm supposed to read rcmd(3).  Even
my rcmd(1) doesn't mention that.

I've no qualms about doing things that might make my system usable for
a time, but I don't expect stumblings blocks to be placed in front of
me when trying to revive it.  Even the floppy disks have ftp on them.
Why isn't that part of /rescue ?  Why isn't everything that's on the
floppy install disks in the /rescue dir?