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HighTechMedia e-Journal :: MAY 2003


The HighTechMedia Journal is published monthly and delivered to subscribers
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Digital Mapping

Are resource or development planning, environmental issues or logistics part of
your organizations leitmotiv? The USAF is implementing an enterprise Geographic
Information System (GIS) called GeoBase to handle these and many more
challenges both common and unique.
Design Concepts

"Modernism has produced buildings but, as yet, no architecture." - Dr. Demetri

Good design, whether in architecture, business cards or toenail clippers, is
both enduringly beautiful and exceptionally useful. Advertising and graphic
designer David Poses shares his take on the age-old dispute of form over
Strategy & Process

 If you accept the premise of HTML For Dummies, just about any dummy can drop a
few pictures onto a handful of code and call it a web site, but few
organzations would tolerate such thoughtless development of an important
communications resource. Yet every day organizations spend money "redesigning"
their web sites and "re-engineering" their software without ever really looking
that the workflows, processes and strategies these technologies are meant to
support. No dummy herself, Harvard Business School grad Suzanne Hamlin explores
web strategy and process design in the first of a two-part series. 

Book Review

** The GIS Book by George B. Korte **
An updated and expanded resource for helping readers understand what a
geographic information system is, what it can do, how it's different from other
types of computer mapping systems, and how it applies to their profession: from
engineering to land planning to forestry to marketing. It also deals with
evaluating the economics of a GIS investment and how to select, implement, and
manage a GIS. A technical background is not required. Material new to this
edition includes discussions of GIS data sources, collection, and entry; GIS on
the Internet; maintaining a GIS database; and legal aspects, including land
surveying. -- Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Next Month in HTMJ:

Part 2: Web Strategy & Process Design, The Outward Bound Experience and more! 

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