Subject: Re: toolchain/21563: latest crunchgen break -j x for x >= 4
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/14/2003 11:42:40
> I tried adding to make crunchgen output
> 'all: ${SUBMAKE_TARGETS} .WAIT ${PROG}.strip'
> It did not worked.

I can see why the change has an effect - because I removed the
rule that used to be used to build ldd/ldd.o (etc).
(I found it was been run for each object file in the list...)

However I can't see what is actually wrong :-(

The .WAIT you added is probably necessary - but you said it made
no difference.  OTOH the -j 1 should make that unecessary.
I've even run without the '-j 1' (with the extra .WAIT), one of the
program buils failed the first time (it must be missing a .WAIT)
but rescue itself built ok.

make shouldn't be looking for any of the xxx/xxx.o files until after
SUBMAKE_TARGETS have all been built and make is run recursively
(with the same makefile) to build PROG (it is run to build 'all'
by the outer script).  By that time all the xxx/yyy.o should exist.

If it is still failing for you, Ineed to know:
- the actual screen/log file output from  a few lines before the failue
  to the end.
- whether the file that was 'missing' is actually present in the object
- whether re-running nbmake will complete the build, or if theerror is 'hard'.

Running nbmake in src/rescue should be the same as the build you are doing.


David Laight: