Subject: pkg/21571: pkgsrc/graphics/dia doesn't always get right link line
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/14/2003 01:06:22
>Number:         21571
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       pkgsrc/graphics/dia doesn't always get right link line
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Wed May 14 01:07:01 UTC 2003
>Originator:     Allen Briggs
>Release:        NetBSD 1.6R, 20030513 pkgsrc
	Ninth Wonder, LLC
System: NetBSD tref 1.6R NetBSD 1.6R (TREF) #1: Thu May 1 12:25:17 EDT 2003 briggs@tref:/home/briggs/netbsd/current/clean/src/sys/arch/macppc/compile/TREF macppc
Architecture: powerpc
Machine: macppc
	When I built graphics/dia, it built and installed fine, but was
	then unable to find -lSM and -lICE all of the time (some of the
	included shared libs were OK, but the application didn't seem to
	be).  I was able to get it to work by redirecting the output of
	the 'make' to a file, adding -Wl,-R/usr/X11R6/lib to the libtool
	command, and then executing that command.  I didn't see any
	obvious reason that it would be missing, though.  Too bad it still
	doesn't seem to be able to restore from a saved file for me.  :-(
	I don't know if something might be out of date or not.  I just
	blew everything away and started from scratch a couple of weeks
	ago, so I'm not far out of date, at any rate.  In case I am,
	though, here's what I have installed right now:

	digest-20021220     Message digest wrapper utility
	xpkgwedge-1.7       allows X11 pkgs to be built and used outside of /usr/X11R6
	bash-2.05.2nb1      The GNU Bourne Again Shell
	x11-links-0.12      shadow tree of links to X11R6 headers and libraries
	xpmroot-2.4.15      Sets the root window to an Xpm pixmap
	libtool-base-1.4.20010614nb14 Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
	readline-4.3        GNU library that can recall and edit previous input
	fvwm2-2.4.15nb3     Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
	gmake-3.80nb1       GNU version of 'make' utility
	qt1-1.44            C++ X GUI toolkit
	xglobe-0.5          Displays the earth as seen from space, similar to xearth
	jpeg-6b             IJG's jpeg compression utilities
	png-1.2.5nb2        Library for manipulating PNG images
	tiff-3.5.7nb1       Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
	glib-1.2.10nb5      Some useful routines for C programming
	perl-5.6.1nb7       Practical Extraction and Report Language
	gtk+-1.2.10nb4      Gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces
	gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0nb1 the GNOME image loading library
	ORBit-0.5.15nb4     high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
	unzip-5.50          List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
	zip-2.3nb2          Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip
	m4-1.4nb1           GNU version of Unix m4 macro-processor
	autoconf213-2.13    Generates automatic source code configuration scripts (old version)
	gnome-dirs-1.1      Shared GTK/GNOME (v1 and v2) directories
	gnome1-dirs-1.1     Shared GTK/GNOME (v1) directories
	libaudiofile-0.2.3nb1 Sound library for SGI audio file
	esound-0.2.29nb1    the Enlightened sound daemon
	libungif-    Tools and library routines for working with GIF images
	netpbm-10.11.8      toolkit for conversion of images between different formats
	imlib-1.9.14nb3     image manipulation library for X11
	gnome-libs- Libraries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment
	gdk-pixbuf-gnome-0.22.0nb1 the GNOME image loading library GNOME canvas support add-on
	ghostscript-fonts-6.0 Postscript fonts for Aladdin Ghostscript
	ghostscript-gnu-7.05nb1 GNU Postscript interpreter
	libunicode-0.4      library for manipulating Unicode characters and strings
	libxml-1.8.17nb1    XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project
	gnome-print-0.36nb2 Prototype implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture
	popt-1.7nb1         Command line option parsing library
	oaf-0.6.10nb1       new object activation framework for GNOME
	bison-1.875nb1      GNU yacc(1) replacement
	bonobo-1.0.18nb4    Architecture for creating reusable software components
	libiconv-1.8nb1     character set conversion library
	libglade-0.17nb3    Runtime interpreter for GLADE gui files
	gnome-mime-data-2.2.0 MIME and Application database for GNOME2
	db3-3.11.2          Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
	GConf-1.0.9nb2      configuration database system used by GNOME
	pkgconfig-0.15.0    system for managing library compile/link flags
	gnome-vfs-1.0.5nb2  GNOME Virtual File System
	gal-0.22nb1         Gnome Application Libraries
	libole2-0.2.4nb1    OLE2 streams parsing library for GNOME
	mozilla-1.3nb1      Open-source version of the Netscape browser
	guile-1.6.3         GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
	xmlcatmgr-0.2       XML catalog manager
	docbook-xml-4.2nb4  XML DTD designed for computer documentation
	libxml2-2.5.6nb1    XML parser library for GNOME
	libxslt-1.0.29nb1   XSLT parser library for GNOME
	intltool-0.25nb1    Toolbox for internationalisation
	psmisc-20.1nb1      miscellaneous procfs tools: killall, pidof, and pstree
	scrollkeeper-0.3.12nb1 Open Document Cataloging Project
	xml-i18n-tools-0.9nb1 XML internationalisation tools
	galeon-1.2.10nb1    GNOME web browser based on gecko (mozilla rendering engine)
	control-center- GNOME control-center development library
	gnumeric-1.0.13nb1  Spreadsheet program from the GNOME project
	openldap-2.0.27nb3  Lightweight directory access protocol server and client package
	soup-0.7.10nb3      callback-based mechanism for sending and servicing SOAP requests
	automake14-1.4.6    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (old version)
	libwww-5.4.0        The W3C Reference Library
	glibwww-0.2nb3      event register functions that use the glib event loop
	libghttp-1.0.9      GNOME http client library
	gtkhtml-1.1.7nb2    Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
	bonobo-conf-0.14nb4 Bonobo configuration system
	evolution-1.2.4nb1  GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager, and communications tool
	mtr-0.52            Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
	dillo-    Very small and fast graphical web-browser
	jwhois-3.2.1        Configurable WHOIS client
	ispell-base-3.1.20nb2 Interactive spelling checker
	net-snmp-5.0.6      Extensible SNMP implementation
	lrzsz-0.12.20       Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol.  (unrestrictive)
	gkermit-1.00        minimal implementation of the ``kermit'' protocol (GPL'd)
	teTeX2-share-2.0.2  Machine-independent part of teTeX, version 2
	dialog-0.6znb1      Display dialog boxes from shell scripts
	minicom-1.83.1      MS-DOS Telix serial communication program "workalike"
	ethereal-0.9.11nb1  Network protocol analyzer
	t1lib-1.3.1         library for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts
	gnome2-dirs-1.1     Shared GTK/GNOME (v2) directories
	libao-0.8.3nb1      cross-platform audio library
	freetype2-2.1.4     font rendering engine and library API
	expat-1.95.6nb1     XML parser library written in C
	fontconfig-2.1nb4   Library for configuring and customizing font access
	Xft2-2.1nb4         Library for configuring and customizing font access
	teTeX2-bin-2.0.2nb1 TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems - executables, version 2
	lcms-1.06           Light Color Management System -- a color management library
	mng-1.0.5           Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
	teTeX2-sharesrc-2.0.2 Sources for machine-independent part of teTeX, version 2
	texi2html-1.64      Texinfo-to-HTML direct translator
	aspell-0.50.3nb1    spell checker with good multi-language support
	mpeg-1.3.1          Library for decoding MPEG movies
	teTeX2-2.0.2        Thomas Esser's TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems, version 2
	python22-2.2.2      Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
	Aiksaurus-0.15      English-language thesaurus
	glib2-2.2.1nb1      Some useful routines for C programming
	atk-1.2.2nb1        Set of interfaces for accessibility
	pango-1.2.1nb1      Library for layout and rendering of text
	gtk2+-2.2.1nb1      Gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces
	gtkspell-2.0.2nb3   Spell checking GtkTextView widget
	gaim-0.62nb1        GTK2 based client for the AOL Instant Messenger chat system
	qt3-libs-3.1.2nb1   C++ X GUI toolkit
	gimp-base-1.2.3nb5  Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop[tm]
	gimp-data-1.2nb2    extra brushes and patterns for the GIMP
	gimp-print-lib-4.2.5 drivers for Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and PCL printers
	gimp-print-4.2.5nb1 GIMP print plugin
	gimp-print-escputil-4.2.5 Epson Stylus inkjet printer tool
	gimp-1.2.3nb3       Image manipulation program similar to Photoshop[tm]
	qt3-tools-3.1.2nb1  QT GUI (WYSIWYG) builder and other tools
	lyx-qt-1.3.1nb1     Graphical frontend for LaTeX (QT version)
	mpeg2codec-1.2      MPEG Software Simulation Group's MPEG-2 Encoder and Decoder
	jasper-1.600.0nb1   software-based reference implementation of the JPEG-2000 codec
	ImageMagick-5.5.6   Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
	psiconv-0.8.2nb4    PSION 5 file format data conversion utilities
	abiword-personal-1.0.5nb1 Open Source cross-platform word processor
	libmikmod-3.1.10    MikMod Sound Library
	libogg-      Ogg project codecs library
	libvorbis-   Library for the Ogg Vorbis audio encoding format
	MesaLib-5.0nb2      Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
	glut-5.0            GLUT Graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
	xmms-1.2.7nb6       X Multimedia System --- An audio player with a Winamp GUI
	openmotif-2.1.30nb2 Open Motif
	xpdf-2.02           Display tool for PDF files
	nttcp-1.47          New TCP testing and performance measuring tool
	xbattbar-1.4.2nb2   X11 battery graph for laptops
	linc-1.0.1nb1       network client/server library
	libIDL-0.8.0nb1     CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
	ORBit2-2.6.0nb2     high-performance CORBA ORB with C language support
	GConf2-2.2.0nb1     configuration database system used by GNOME (v2)
	bonobo-activation-2.1.1nb1 Object activation framework for GNOME2
	libbonobo-2.2.0nb1  GNOME2 Object activation framework library
	libglade2-2.0.1nb8  Runtime interpreter for GLADE gui files (v2)
	iso8879-1986nb2     Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
	docbook-4.2nb3      SGML DTD designed for computer documentation
	cdparanoia-  CDDA reading utility with extra data verification features
	fam-2.6.9nb1        File Alteration Monitor
	gnome-vfs2-2.2.4nb2 GNOME Virtual File System (v2)
	libgnome- Core GNOME2 library (non-graphical)
	libart2-2.3.11      High-performance 2D graphics library
	libgnomecanvas- GNOME Canvas library
	libbonoboui- GNOME2 Object activation framework library (graphical version)
	libgnomeui- Core GNOME2 graphical libraries
	python22-pth-2.2.2nb2 Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
	py22pth-Numeric-23.0 Adds multidimensional numeric arrays to Python
	gtkglarea2-1.99.0   OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit
	py22pth-gtk2-1.99.16 Python bindings for GTK+2
	dia-0.91            program for creating diagrams of all kinds
	transfig-3.2.4nb1   TeX document creation tool utilizing portable graphics
	Xaw3d-1.5           3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set
	xfig-3.2.4nb1       CAD-like 2D drawing tool, good for colorful scale drawings & ISOs