Subject: Re: kern/21517: 1.6S libkvm / /dev/mem broken?
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 05/10/2003 15:29:53
Frank Kardel wrote:

> >Number:         21517
> >Category:       kern
> >Synopsis:       1.6S libkvm / /dev/mem broken? current-20030509-131344

> 	A full install of current-20030509-131344 (kernel+userland) shows all libkvm dependend programs fa
il like this:
> 	netstat gets into a loop spitting out error messages
> 	pmap: trying to read 8 bytes from c042fe58: kvm_read: Bad address

Old userland with new kernel fails the same way.  It looks like
uvm_map_lookup_entry() doesn't think an address is in the kernel
map, but haven't had a chance to look any further.

It also may be an i386-specific problem.  I've tried mipseb and
powerpc (ibm4xx) and they both work ok...

Simon Burge                            <>
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