Subject: man mk.conf (was kern/21311: Generic kernel doesnt compile in 1.6.1_STABLE)
To: Julio Merino <>
From: Mipam <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/25/2003 22:07:42

To continue on the matter and how i initially came with the idea
COPTS+= would add options instead of replace them is this:

man 5 mk.conf

COPTS 	Extra options for the C compiler. Should be appended to
	(e.g., COPTS+= -g), rather then explicitly set.

So, this line made me think that by applying this
options were appended. You made me aware it actually isnt.
Though, i should have looked more carefully and should have noticed
that by having COPTS+=-pipe, -O2 is omitted during the build process
of the kernel, that is, CFLAGS is set by this option. My bad.
Its replacing options instead of appending them.
Looking at mk.sys as you pointed out to me
that i should just add -O2 does the trick.
Perhaps i may be wrong, but shouldnt this line be changed in
/usr/share/man/man5/mk.conf.5 ?