Subject: Re: misc/20650: rc.conf man page incorrectly describes the poffd option
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From: Josh Glover <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 03/10/2003 22:02:04
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Quoth gabriel rosenkoetter (Mon 2003-03-10 09:48:46PM -0500):
> On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 01:09:19PM -0800, wrote:
> >
> > $ man rc.conf | grep -n -A 1 -e poffd
> > 439:     poffd     'YES' or 'NO'. Runs poffd(8) x68k shutdown daemon (o=
> > 440-               for NetBSD/x86k. Passes poffd_flags.
> >=20
> > Line 440 should read:
> >=20
> > 440-               for NetBSD/x68k. Passes poffd_flags.
> Myabe I'm blind, but I don't see a difference. Were you trying to
> insert the parenthesis?

No, the error is very hard to see. These lines incorrectly state that the
poffd deamon only applies to NetBSD/x86k. The NetBSD port that poffd is
actually a part of is NetBSD/x68k. See? The '8' and the '6' are in the wrong
order. This is slightly confusing, given that there exists a very common
architecture from Intel that many people run: the x86. :)

> If so, doing this:
> > man rc.conf | grep -n -A 1 -e poffd
> ... on my not-so-very-current produces:
> 443:     poffd           `YES' or `NO'.  Runs poffd(8) x68k shutdown daem=
on (only
> 444-                     for NetBSD/x86k).  Passes poffd_flags.
> So I think it's covered.

I think it is now, as I got an email from someone saying that it was fixed.

> Does a grammar typo really warrant a pullup to netbsd-1-6?

I would imagine that any typo should be corrected. I did file this bug as
low priority, at the lowest level of importance that the NetBSD bug system
allowed. In my defence, someone could waste some time trying to figure out
why his Intel system does not have the poffd daemon installed anywhere, and
maybe trying to find and compile it.

Josh Glover <>

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