Subject: Re: bin/20316: systat interrupt counters
To: matthew green <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/18/2003 08:10:47
> could we have more space for disks and less for interrupt names?  ie 
> make the ^^^ marked part shorter.

That space is only just long enough for some of the interrupt names!
(The purpose of the layout change was precisely to make that space longer)

> I have systems with many disk
> devices and it's really annoying not having them all fit.  actually,
> with raidframe, you end up with something that looks like:
> 	Discs  md0  sd0  sd3 raid raid raid raid raid
> which is obviously *really* annoying... perhaps convert "raidN" into
> "raiN" ?  or lose the spaces entirely and have "raid0raid1raid2" etc.
> or have a one-byte-wider mode?

Actually if would (probably) be better to rotate the disk stats through
90 degrees, (possibly to only add disks when they have non-zero stats).
This would give space for 4 disks on a 24 line display -  maybe the
disks display could flip depending on the screen height and number of


David Laight: