Subject: Re: bin/20316: systat interrupt counters
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/12/2003 18:12:46
> systat have recently had the "new" interrupt counters added.
> However, when displaying the names of these counters, systat prefers
> displaying the counter name to the counter group name.
> This is wrong, I believe.

I do not believe so.  On i386 the full names are:
	group	counter
	cpu0	softclock
	cpu0	softnet
	cpu0	softserial
	pic0	pin 14
	pic0	pin 10
	pic0	pin 9
	pic0	pin 4
	pic0	pin 3
	pic0	pin 1
	pic0	pin 12
	pic0	pin 0

So just showing the group names would be rather pointless.

> The counter name is group specific, and is not guaranteed to be unique.
True, but there are very likely to be many counters in a single grpoup.

> By prefering to show this string if both strings don't fit, you get a list
> that is difficult to decipher.

> In addition systat also truncates group and name if they don't fit, which
> removed important information.

Run systat in a wider window.  Both are actually allowed to be quite long.

> The name of the event counter is often just "intr"
> (atleast on VAXen), which means you just get a lists with "intr".

The display looks a lot better on i386, I put it to you that there are
more i386 systems running netbsd than vax.

Perhaps the actual problem is the unhelpful naming of the counters.


David Laight: