Subject: Re: lib/20145: Hesiod getgrid() should use Hesiod "gid" map
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 02/01/2003 18:10:35 wrote:

> Hesiod implementations at MIT use the "gid" map to map group ids to
> group names.
> This is the functionality documented in hesinfo(1) and in Stephen
> Dyer's 1988 Usenix paper on Hesiod, and the implementation in libbind
> functions this way.  The libc implementation in NetBSD, however, uses
> the "group" map, a practice that was perhaps introduced in DEC Ultrix
> (though I don't believe NetBSD's Hesiod is fully compatible with
> Ultrix Hesiod).  I have found an old PR reporting this:

NetBSD's Hesiod was developed and tested against Ultrix Hesiod servers -
I was a happy user of such a setup for years at a previous job...

Can your problem be fixed (or could Ultrix compatibility still be
acheived) with playing around in /etc/hesiod.conf?  It's been too
long since I've needed to remember this.

That said, I could believe that there is now noone else in the world
using NetBSD against Ultrix Hesiod servers :-)  I wouldn't object to
your change.

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