Subject: pkg/20026: pax problem in pkgsrc/print/LPRng-doc
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/24/2003 11:56:26
>Number:         20026
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       LPRng-doc fails to install with pax
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Jan 24 02:57:00 PST 2003
>Originator:     Urban Boquist
>Release:        NetBSD 1.6L
Carlstedt Research & Technology AB, Sweden
System: NetBSD iller 1.6L NetBSD 1.6L (ILLER-$Revision: 1.54 $) #0: Sun Jan 19 14:58:24 CET 2003 root@iller:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/ILLER i386
Architecture: i386
Machine: i386
	Trying to install LPRng-doc I get:

> groda# make install
> ===> do-su-install [LPRng-doc-3.6.13] ===> Installing for LPRng-doc-3.6.13
> install -d -o root -g wheel -m 555 /usr/pkg/share/doc/LPRng
> /bin/pax        -rzf /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/LPRng_DOC-3.6.13.tgz  -s "#^LPRng_DOC-3.6.13/#/usr/pkg/share/doc/LPRng/#"  '*.dvi' '*.gif' '*.html' '*.ps' '*.txt'
> pax: Trying to read GNU tar archive with extensions off
> pax: End of archive volume 1 reached
> ATTENTION! pax archive volume change required.
> Ready for archive volume: 2
> Input archive name or "." to quit pax.
> Archive name > 

It ends up in a prompt, and installation stops.

The problem seems to be a volume problem in the distfile. Adding "-O"
to the pax flags fixes the problem (see patch below).

See also PR pkg/18814, has a "dd hack" to avoid pax
stopping for broken archives. It seems that it would be a good idea to
replace that with "-O" now, as suggested in the PR. But obviously this
wouldn't help here, since the Makefile invokes pax directly.

	install pkgsrc/LPRng-doc
Index: Makefile
RCS file: /anoncvs/pkgsrc/print/LPRng-doc/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -r1.4 Makefile
--- Makefile	17 Feb 2001 17:51:35 -0000	1.4
+++ Makefile	20 Jan 2003 14:23:41 -0000
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 	${INSTALL_DATA_DIR} ${PREFIX}/share/doc/LPRng
 		-s "#^${DISTNAME}/#${PREFIX}/share/doc/LPRng/#" \
 		'*.dvi' '*.gif' '*.html' '*.ps' '*.txt'