Subject: installboot Segmentation Fault with -m macppc
To:, <>
From: None <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/20/2003 23:38:06
Category:	port-macppc ?
Synopsis:	installboot segfaults
Confidential:	no
Severity:	non-critical
Priority:	medium
Responsible:	?
State:		open
Class:		change-request ?
Submitter-Id:	?
Release:	NetBSD 1.6_STABLE

Architecture: macppc
Machine: Power Macintosh 8500 with ACARD,6260 PCI IDE adapter

booting using the netbsd floppy from netbsd-1.6 for macppc
and using sysinst to partition an IDE (maxtor diamondmax) drive attached
to an ACARD,6260 PCI card, the installboot portion fails by writing:
/: write failed, file system is full
just after finishing the newfs portion.
Issuing the command on the shell shows that it seg faults, just after
printing disk full, if either -v or -m macppc are specified. however, if
only /usr/sbin/installboot /ev/rwd0a /usr/mdec/bootxx /boot
is issued, it doesn't print anything nor complain.  Its not possible at
this time to assertain if this means the partition 0 booting was set up,
because my open firmware isn't opening the ACARD,6260/disk device.

Since 1.0.5 machines can only boot using a partion 0 setup, if installboot
on the floppy doesn't work at all, it might be critical.

boot from a netbsd install floppy, proceed to install on a wd0 disk
attached to an ACARD,6260
  May be an issue only with the ACARD,6260 or with the installboot
Also try /usr/sbin/installboot -m macppc /dev/rwd0a /usr/mdec/bootxx /boot
That seg faults too.

work around; issue the command without any flags.