Subject: Re: install/17904: sysinst should change /etc/ttys when serial bootblock is selected
To: None <>
From: Oliver Tonnhofer <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/10/2002 21:24:08
Hallo David, (David Laight) wrote:
>> Change sysinst to do something like the following commands,
>> when a serial bootblock is selected.
>Is that the 'correct' - or even a reasonable fix?
>It is certainly a dangerous edit!

I wrote "something like the following". If I select serial bootblock I
want to be able to login via serial console. The code was just the way
I made this possible. It worked for me, but I think that someone else
will find a better way for solving this 'problem', surley.

>Surely you actually want to turn on the getty for tty00 (or which
>ever line the console actually is?)

I don't know the real different between console and tty00.

>Actually the default (under source control) seems to be to
>run a getty on the 'console' and nowhere else.
>Presumably /dev/console is being picked up correctly???
>The differnce between 'Pc' and 'std.9600' is trivial (8 bit data).
>And any term type difference won't stop you logging in.

Ok. But console or tty00 should set to 'on' when serial bootblock is
selected, IMHO.