Subject: Re: install/17904: sysinst should change /etc/ttys when serial bootblock is selected
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/10/2002 18:31:19
> Change sysinst to do something like the following commands,
> when a serial bootblock is selected.
> # cd /mnt/etc/
> # ed ttys
> 7
> s/Pc/std.9600/
> s/pc3/vt220/
> s/off/on/
> p
> w
> q

Is that the 'correct' - or even a reasonable fix?
It is certainly a dangerous edit!

Surely you actually want to turn on the getty for tty00 (or which
ever line the console actually is?)

Actually the default (under source control) seems to be to
run a getty on the 'console' and nowhere else.
Presumably /dev/console is being picked up correctly???

The differnce between 'Pc' and 'std.9600' is trivial (8 bit data).
And any term type difference won't stop you logging in.


David Laight: