Subject: Re: sysinst segfaults near end of installation
To: jon <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/07/2002 16:17:34
On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 08:48:23PM -0600, jon wrote:
> im installing from cd, 1.5.2 release iso, pretty routine setup with a custom
> install of everything but games and X related packages
> everything works fine until after devices are made, before addition
> configuration - of timezone, i believe
> the program closes and reports a problem with UID 0 on /, file system full
> since / in this case is a cd im not quite sure what its trying to do

it's trying to dump core.

> also, during configuration of the MBR partition table and the disklabel,
> sysinst reports weird offsets
> for instance, my partition 1 (second one) i made with win2k install tools,
> its type C
> im setting up partition 0 for netbsd and entering offset 0, and size 9999;

What units ?

> upon exiting, i find that it reports 10000 - its increased apparently by one

Probably to round it to cylinder boundary.

> by the way, i can duplicate the above for any size value, its ALWAYS
> increased by one when reported later
> then during configuration of the disklabel, the size of the netbsd part of
> the disk (/dev/wd0c) is reported as 9998, instead of 9999

This may also be a rounding problem. What do the sectors number looks like ?

> again, the above i can duplicate
> then, when i then enter 0 as the offset for /dev/wd0a and 9999 as the size,
> i end up with 9998

You make wd0a the whole NetBSD partition, so you don't have any swap
partition ?
This may be because of this sysinst dumps core.

Manuel Bouyer <>