Subject: sysinst segfaults near end of installation
To: None <>
From: jon <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 04/05/2002 20:48:23
im installing from cd, 1.5.2 release iso, pretty routine setup with a custom
install of everything but games and X related packages

everything works fine until after devices are made, before addition
configuration - of timezone, i believe

the program closes and reports a problem with UID 0 on /, file system full

since / in this case is a cd im not quite sure what its trying to do

also, during configuration of the MBR partition table and the disklabel,
sysinst reports weird offsets

for instance, my partition 1 (second one) i made with win2k install tools,
its type C

im setting up partition 0 for netbsd and entering offset 0, and size 9999;
upon exiting, i find that it reports 10000 - its increased apparently by one

by the way, i can duplicate the above for any size value, its ALWAYS
increased by one when reported later

then during configuration of the disklabel, the size of the netbsd part of
the disk (/dev/wd0c) is reported as 9998, instead of 9999

again, the above i can duplicate

then, when i then enter 0 as the offset for /dev/wd0a and 9999 as the size,
i end up with 9998

again, not a fluke occurance, it happens every time

the same applies when using cylinders as the size specifier instead of
megabytes, although im not sure about sectors

i dont think this has anything to do with cylinder boundary alignment
although it could be something screwy with the offset of my type C partition

any thoughts?

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