Subject: Re: pkg/15228: info files in various packages now REQUIRE info from gtexinfo-4.0
To: NetBSD Bugs and PR posting List <netbsd-bugs@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 01/13/2002 01:10:16
[ On Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 23:15:54 (-0500), Greg A. Woods wrote: ]
> Subject: pkg/15228: info files in various packages now REQUIRE info from gtexinfo-4.0
> >Fix:
> 	it's probably best to simply always require the new gtexinfo:

Hmmm.... it's not so simple as it looks.

The first problem is with those packages that rebuild their info files.
They need to be told to use the new makeinfo, not the one in /usr/bin.

The second problem is of course that even with gtexinfo-4.0 installed
there's no guarantee that the user's path will always select the new
version of 'info' (necessary for reading info files generated by the new
version of makeinfo)

This segment for mk/ is much closer, but as discussed in the
opening comment not perfect....

# this should probably work like pkgtools/pkg_install (i.e. force
# gtexinfo to be installed with LOCALBASE=${PKG_TOOLS_BIN}/.. instead of
# just using the pkgsrc DEPENDS mechanism) because that's the only way
# to be sure the user will always be able to read the resulting
# installed info files.  The system version really is out of date and
# really must be upgraded to keep the new pkgsrc viable on older systems.
.if (defined(USE_GTEXINFO) || defined(INFO_FILES))
. if exists(/usr/bin/makeinfo)
SYSTEM_TEXINFO_OK!=	if [ "$(/usr/bin/makeinfo --version | awk '{print $NF * 100; exit 0}')" -ge 400 ]; then echo yes; else echo no; fi
. else
. endif
. if (${SYSTEM_TEXINFO_OK} == no)
DEPENDS+=	gtexinfo>=4.0:../../devel/gtexinfo
# XXX setting MAKEINFO only works with AC_INIT() using a recent autoconf...
# XXX setting INSTALL_INFO currently doesn't do much good for anyone....
MAKE_ENV+=	MAKEINFO="${LOCALBASE}/bin/makeinfo" INSTALL_INFO="${LOCALBASE}/bin/install-info"
. endif

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