Subject: Re: kern/13615: NetBSD current requires a .note.netbsd.ident section
To: matthew green <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 09/22/2001 11:26:19
> i believe the only thing that is wrong with your post is that the
> NetBSD crtstuff doesn't work.  i do have it working on sparc and
> i386 with gcc-current.  the latter is part of the gcc source tree
> while the former is still waiting review/approval.

Ah, dig dig.  bin/12865.

> this is *only* in NetBSD-current, however.  it may be difficult
> to make these work on older netbsd releases...

Yes, bin/12865 indicates that released versions of NetBSD have broken 
.fini and .init sections.

Can I assume that only post 1.5.x branch kernels check for the 
.note.netbsd.ident section?  Released kernels from the 1.5.x branch 
continue to ignore the .note.netbsd.ident and hence allow GCC to use its 
own (working) crt{begin,end}.