Subject: pkg/13156: pkgsrc php-4.0.5 breaks horde-2.2.5 phplib and imp-2.2.5
To: Petri Koistinen <>
From: Rogier Krieger <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 08/02/2001 22:13:46
Firstly, the PR had a timeout waiting for feedback. My apologies,
I was on vacation so I didn't catch it until now.

Just tested with the current package sources and the problem
is solved by installing the www/php4-pcre and devel/pcre packages.

It seemed only decent to mention this. I hope it's still of any use.



Previous Correspondence, received at 10:19 13-7-01 +0300:
>This NetBSD problem report is suggesting that reported problem might have
>been fixed. Could you confirm that, so that this PR can be closed.
>Please, send confirmation mail to <> database and
><> mailing list with exactly same topic as now.
>Somebody will probably pick it up and close this PR if appropriate.

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