Subject: Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1)
To: Geoff Wing <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: netbsd-bugs
Date: 06/05/2001 17:47:54
> Geoff Wing wrote about Re: pkg/13113: package update: shells/zsh (Zsh 4.0.1):
> :The package has been added (in a modified form) to pkgsrc but it's
> :not yet available to me via anoncvs so I won't have any further
> :comments until I see it.
> I'm wrong.  I do have another comment.  Since it was imported (for
> whatever reason - stability?) as shells/zsh4 with shells/zsh
> being left as is, shells/zsh/Makefile needs its MASTER_SITES changed.
> needs to be removed and all other paths
> need "old/" appended to them.

I've just moved the zsh-4* series to shells/zsh and the older stable
version to shells/zsh3.  Your other suggestions have been taken
care of also.


Jason Beegan